Here are projects that we are currently excited about and which are close to finalization. We usually share them with the community as preprints via bioRxiv.


  1. J C Romers and M Krantz.
    rxncon 2.0: a language for executable molecular systems biology.
    bioRxiv, 2017.

  2. J C Romers, S Thieme, U Münzner and M Krantz.
    A scalable method for parameter-free simulation and validation of mechanistic cellular signal transduction network models.
    bioRxiv, 2017.

  3. K Tummler, M Zimmermann, O T Schubert, R Aebersold, C Kühn, U Sauer and E Klipp.
    Two parallel pathways implement robust propionate catabolism and detoxification in mycobacteria.
    bioRxiv, 2018.

  4. Stephan O Adler, Oliver Bodeit, Lasse Bonn, Bjoern Goldenbogen, Johanna E L Haffner, Maxim Karnetzki, Aviv Korman, Maria Krantz, Rune Linding, Ivo Maintz, Lisa Mallis, Ximena Martinez de la Escalera, Rafael U Moran Torres, Hannah Prawitz, Martin Seeger, Patrick Segelitz, Judith AH Wodke and Edda Klipp.
    Geospatially Referenced Demographic Agent-Based Modeling of SARS-CoV-2-Infection (COVID-19) Dynamics and Mitigation Effects in a Real-world Community.
    medRxiv, 2020.
    URL, DOI