Meta-analysis of Yeast Data



For the development of mathematical models the availability of comprehensive data is a central necessity. In computational systems biology we are not only interested in 'a' value, but in coherent values to describe more than a single cellular process. For that reason our group developed a database of experimental data for the eukaryotic model organism baker's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This database now contains over 200,000 values for different processes, some measured several times in various experimental conditions e.g. glucose uptake, metabolite and protein concentrations, etc... 

We are looking for a student to perform a meta-analysis of the available data to investigate the influence of experimental conditions, different yeast strains, and experimental methods on the numerical data.


Topics and Keywords

Baker's yeast, Meta-Analysis, Reproducibility


Tasks and Milestones

1. Select a data type
2. Literature research and extraction of more additional values
2. Analysing data for consistency
3. Correlation analysis of experimental conditions
4. Report writing



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