Database for Cell Lines and Experiments in Cancer Research


Cancer research utilizes cell lines with a known mutation profile like HeLa. These cell lines are often cultivated for many generations and subjected to laboratory specific conditions and experiments and thus might show different phenotypes in quasi identical experiments. Throughout the generations these cell lines might also develop new mutations that influence the cells' behavior.

We are currently designing a database to assess the quality of published data and state of the art experiment documentation. The aim of this assessment is to improve comparability and accessibility of data.
We are looking for students to perform meta-analysis of published data on cancer cell line experiments. We want to analyze and evaluate existing data egarding the quality of the experimental data and the consistency of the results and conclusions.
The gathered data should also be added to the database and used for modeling of signaling pathways



Topics and Keywords

Cancer Cell Lines, Meta-Analysis, Signaling Pathways, Good Laboratory Practice


Tasks and Milestones

1. Gathering data from literature
2. Analysing data for consistency
3. Modeling of signal tranduction pathway (depends on time frame of project)
4. Thesis/Report writing



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